Food for Kids Backpacks

The Food for Kids Backpacks program provides backpacks of food to children from low-income families who rely on school meals for their nutritional needs. We serve children in Chapman Elementary School through our partnership with the Friendly House with the belief that healthy weekend meals means stronger young minds and bodies at school on Monday.

How it Works:

Each week, a group of volunteers packs food for the backpacks. Most of the food provided through this program comes from the Oregon Food Bank, with an emphasis on healthy, nutritious food that kids can make themselves, such as applesauce cups and instant oatmeal, as well as meals that families can make together.

A separate group of volunteers pick up the bags on Thursday and deliver them to the Friendly House, where they are picked up by kids and their parents before the weekend.

Lift Urban Portland began its backpack program in 2009 after learning about a similar program in Tillamook County.

For more volunteer information:
Erin Goldwater, Program Manager • (503) 221-1224, ext. 105